Ing. arch. Josef Křížek



2010 Faculty of architecture, Ing. arch.
2003 Grammar school, Graduation


Atelier designu a architektury, Praha, Doc. Ing. arch. Patrik Kotas
Atelier A, Praha, Mgr. Ing. arch. Jindřich Sadílek
Estra Stavební, s.r.o., Praha, Ing. arch. Martin Cikhart
Projekční atelier, Praha, Akad. arch. Ing. arch. Hana Zachová


I follow these ideas and principles during my work:

My goal is architecturally well-prepared project and a satisfied client. In the first place, I respect the client´s wishes. An architect must be open-minded, able to listen and understand the needs and lifestyle of the client. If the client does not know which direction to go, architects should let him propose solutions, but from my experience I know, that the client is a man with own ideas and dreams, and I as an architect should help the client direct to the best result, not to talk out the client of his or her ideas and push only my solution. Each of my project is therefore designed to suit specific client's lifestyle, needs and tastes. Architect transforms visions into concepts, studies and proposals and he translates suggestions into projects aiming to realization and he supervises during construction the quality of fabrication

I consider to be important these aspects of the project:

•    purity of form and simplicity
•    operating logic of the whole space, functionality and continuity of each parts
•    genius loci and context
•    clear visual idea
•    price adequacy
•    individual approach to each project

Each project is unique. But at the same time, by repeating principles and procedures, I get with each project valuable experience that is constantly growing and it has been improving me and my skills and knowledge. My aim is to find the ideal resulting relationship between the input requirements, so that the client is satisfied, and at he same time to have work done at a high level profesionally, technically and artistically.


I work contextually with the place, so that the result looks like that the building belongs right there and not elsewhere. Important for me are visual principles, logic of unit and high-quality detail. My projects aim to create a unique atmosphere.


Interiors, particularly the residential interiors, as a places where modern people spend most of the day and overall their lives are always designed by me with an emphasis on the client, because it is a client who will be relaxing, working or just spending his or her free time in the interior.


The trends are constantly evolving, and that is why I read news from the professional websites and I regularly attend trade fairs, exhibitions and lectures concernig architecture and interior design. I continously keep expanding my architectural library. Architecture is my hobby, so I really do it all with joy.